About Me

About Me

Hello ladies and gentleman.  Welcome to Home Automation Wizard and I hope you find yourself comfortable here.  I will make sure you always have the best and most relevant guides,tips and tricks to make your home act like a piece of magic.  So get yourself comfortable and lets go on a technological journy together.


I started being interested in technology from an early age watching sci fi and being amazed by the things that they have available to them.  I often pondered the future and where we would actually be.  OK we cant be beamed up to a starship but the lines between fantasy and fiction are indeed changing.

We have seen the rise of the internet which started as a dial up connection (showing my age there), which grew to super speeds we can now do almost anything.  I believe technology has the ability if used correctly to have amazing benefits to the users and can make daily tasks more streamlined and efficient.  Who doesnt want an easier life after all?  My obession with smart home technology started when I finally took my premature son home for the first time and wanted a camera to look over him and make sure he was safe.  As with anything online you start looking for one thing and end up browsing so many other items until my house was full.  I had lights that could switch on and off to the sound of my voice, smart locks that will open when I am near and I did actually get that smart camera too.


My nature in life is to help as many people a long the way as I can.  I truely believe that helping and supporting people makes the world a better place and in some ways I believe that the more people willing to do that through life the easier life would be.


My goals are to provide you with honest and comprehensive reviews and guides so you have the power to make the rite  decision and avoid the common pitfalls.  I hope not only to show you ways you can have fun with your new smart home but to make it work together like a dream.

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Adam Stones

Adam Stones

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