The future of smart technologies

The future of smart technologies

Hello everyone and welcome to a new/slightly different post. This time I am going to let the realm of fantasy and possibly allow a little imagination to take over. I am going to take a look at the future and what I think will be common place in the coming years. Yes this is often dangerous territory as I could be completely wrong and look like a fool in the process. This is more of a bit of fun so I don’t really take it so seriously. So sit back and Let’s have a look in to the future of smart technologies.

The Technologies we all use

Obviously its often a good idea to look at the smart technologies that we already have and use on a daily basis. Our smart phones are ever present now and how would they change? Would they change? They most definitely will because all I have known about the phone market is it is in constant change. We had those massive brick phones with huge aerials to start with then eventually they got smaller and smaller (which was the trend at the time). Then camera phones appeared and before too long the smart phone arrived! Recently the phones don’t seem to change too much other than getting larger screens, trying to remove the dreaded notch and a few added features. This does not mean that they won’t change and I believe now we are very close to a few definite changes that we will be looking at very soon. The first change to our smart phones I will be expecting within five years is the 5G infrastructure being readily available. By all accounts this will give us an always on, reliable connection much like we have at home but anywhere we need it. This is going to make a massive change and I hope that they do offer 5G as unlimited rather than highly priced data charges.

I would also expect a change of form factor as early as in the next few years, maybe even this year. Samsung and Huawei are both ready for selling foldable phones and many smaller companies are trying to experiment to carve a niche out for themselves.

It doesn’t just end at phones and regarding a smart home I expect the technology to become cheaper and far more advanced. Google are already showing off the A.I. they have available that will make calls on your behalf and book appointments for you. You really can’t tell that it is a machine that is doing the talking. I also expect the technologies and the internet of things to make vast improvements with how they communicate together and what they will be able to do for us in the process.

The A.I. boom and automation

This site is Primarily aimed at home automation and the smart home. This technology is available to us because of the developments made in Artificial intelligence. Logically speaking the more this improves then the technology will also improve. We have A.I. everywhere we go now and especially in our phones and regarding the Internet of things. Also as this gets better it will be able to do things we could never of imagined. In reality A.I. is going to boom in the next few years and it seems like everyone on the internet including people like Elon Musk are talking about it. One major advance in the works now is driver less cars and they are working. If this becomes the norm then owning a car will become more like a hobby and getting places for every single person will be accessible. Learning to drive and owning a car can be very expensive now so this will improve if driver less cars become the norm. Imagine asking Alexa or the Google assistant to send you a car to take you to work? Or even better perhaps it just knows and sends the car anyway so its ready and waiting for you with plenty of time. Automation obviously has its good points and bad points but generally speaking I believe it improves our daily lives. Artificial intelligence is inevitable and will be with us before too long whether we like it or not so its best I believe to learn to live with it rather than go against it. We all dream of an easier life after all?

The Robots are coming

With A.I. becoming the norm also is another very sci fi concept making very massive strides. Robotics is slowly advancing and will eventually become cheap enough where people will be able to have them in the household. There are some robotic personal assistants that already will follow you round so you can make a video call while doing your regular chores around the house. There is already robot vacuums but I think this area still needs a lot of improvement which it will in time. I have also seen some prototypes which if they are real would be absolutely amazing. I have seen a robot chef in action which is essentially an arm from the ceiling that will chop, fry, bake and so on just for you. Imagine having your new and improved A.I. assistant asking what you would like for dinner when you get home. I would love to come home and have dinner that I haven’t had to personally cook myself and it would be even better if the robot could do the dishes too.

The good, the bad, the ugly

Technology often helps us and makes our lives easier however sometimes this is not the case. Already automation is taking jobs that usually a human would do. Then again jobs will go but others will replace it, my job is a perfect example of this and what I do would not exist a few years ago. There will also be problems with the technology itself, there will be teething problems and yes you will have times when it absolutely messes up. This is all part of the process I believe and I would prefer to keep an optimistic eye on the future.


The world is advancing very fast and I think it is a rather exciting time to be alive. Home automation technologies are not only becoming more advanced but also becoming more available to us. Artificial intelligence is becoming more active in our lives and we will see the result of it in robotics and improved services from the likes of Google and Amazon. There will be issues along the way but I think in general the technology is there to help and improve our lives on a day to day basis. What would you like to see in the future of smart technologies? Do you think it is going to be a good thing or a bad thing? Get in the comments below folks and Let’s talk about this exciting boom in gadget goodness.

Adam Stones

2 thoughts on “The future of smart technologies

  1. Technology has already taken over some of the normal things around the house. Thermostats for the HVAC systems will monitor when you open the front door or you can set it for the time you get home daily to set the temps for your house. You can even control it with your smartphone.
    My robo vac cleans the floor when I set it on my phone, this beat having to push the vacuum around the house daily.
    Putting appointments in your calendar and the ride shows up just when you need it, don’t need your own car anymore.
    My smartphone is something that took over a lot of items that were needed when I was younger, do you think that the phone will be able to control our health.

    1. I do think that sooner or later the phone or tech will have a big involvement in health or at least streamline the process. Which I hope for the over worked nurses and doctors it may help a little. I would like a machine to just to scan me and away I go but then that is an ideal world. I am also at the stage in life where as you say pushing the hoover is just a huge chore and I have noticed I was forgetting things a lot but these technologies have made wonders for me. Thanks for your comment I may even have a research in to a future post about possible medical tech.

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