What is Chrome cast?

What is Chrome cast?

So with this being primarily a smart home blog I did wonder whether I should write a post on chrome cast. Then again it does have its uses in the smart home and I love technology so why not? I have become more aware through talking to people that I know that Chrome cast isn’t a particularly well-known device. This is such a shame in reality because I always like a bargain and I always felt that it was a hell of a purchase. So what is Chrome cast?

Make me more intelligent?

I always need a bit more intelligence to be fair but how many people have a smart television? I have one and many people do but there are some people including my father who has bought a television and expect it to last at least fifty years. With the way technology progresses now it is not long before the next thing comes out and for people like my father this can be a bit of a pain to him. He does want a smart television and all the functions they come with but does not want to part with the one he has paid good money for.

I think there are many people out there who are the same really and this is where the chrome cast comes in to play. It was initially a device to turn your ordinary old school television is to a smart one. Although it has become much more and will continue to become better it was in reality a way of getting a smart television without the huge expense. As long as you have a HDMI port you are set to go.

Setting up has never been easier!

I am a fan of plug and play solutions and if anyone has read my review on the broad link will understand how many more Grey hairs I get trying to install a pain of a device. Here however you find a power outlet, plug it in to a HDMI port and download the Google Home app. Anyone who is like me and is very keen on a smart home may already have this app or at least very familiar with it. It is the app that powers the Google home assistant so it is also convenient that it is all on one app rather than filling your phone with separate ones.

So what exactly does it do?

The main function of the Chrome cast is to be able to cast something via your phone or other device and play it on your television. Now granted that doesn’t sound that amazing and it was a tough sell for me to begin with but when I did get one you realize how handy it is. I already have a smart television in my home so it wasn’t necessary as you can cast to it anyway. However I do have a television in the bedroom that wasn’t equipped to do this and it came in very handy.

You don’t realize at first how many things actually already have a cast function. You tube, Netflix and spotify just to name a few are all ready for you to press a single button and away it plays on your television. There are also games you can play cast to your television but most of these are just novelty.

Now for the smart home

For me like I said it was originally just for the upstairs television but as soon as I started building a smart home I found further uses for it. It has now found a home on my actual smart television and used now as my main streaming solution. It is compatible with your Google home assistant and is very convenient to play your shows on it just using your voice. You can just ask “hey google resume stranger things on Netflix” and it will just play where you left off. Perhaps “Hey google play my spotify playlist on the television” and again you will have it going no fuss at all.

It doesn’t just end there if you have smart cameras like the nest camera for example you could ask “hey google show the back door camera” and it will display on your television. In my case I used it as a camera to check up on my son as I was a very concerned father to begin with and this settled my mind without having to go in the room and physically check on him.

The future of chrome cast and improvements

At the moment the google device is more aimed to those people like my father who still wants to hold on to that television he has fallen in love with. Granted I have found uses for it but that is the audience they are aiming for it and it is truly a shame. Google has so many services out there like YouTube, Google search engine itself, YouTube gaming and then a large third party support in the process. It makes no sense to me that the device should only be for streaming via a smart phone and I believe they should put a small amount of hard disk space on it and unite all the services they have in to one place.

It would also make sense to me that they would add a controller much like the fire TV stick that has access to the google assistant built in. It would give me a new way of not only accessing my content via my voice but controlling my smart home without having to use the Google home devices. It would mean that I could use the devices I have elsewhere which would make controlling my home a little easier.

Google stadia could also find a home on this device. If you do not know what google stadia is it is basically the Netflix of gaming which gives you access to the latest games without having to install it for a monthly subscription. It is not out yet and is a future thing but all your shows, movies, music and gaming all in one device that can also help you in the usual ways google home does is a winning product to me.

So should I get one?

If you have a television that is not smart and have a smart phone or Google home speaker this device would be perfect for you. If you already have a smart television it is perhaps not needed as you can already do many of the features it has. If they improve what the device does in the future and unite all the google services then I think this device would be a must have in almost every home. Hope you got some value in this post folks, I do like a bargain and hope you think this little bit of tech is for you or not.

Adam Stones

4 thoughts on “What is Chrome cast?

  1. Ooooh CHROME CAST!
    I used to promote this product during my retail days. Sadly, I wasn’t great at explaining how the product operated. I wish this blog post was around then- I would have either memorised it or directed customers to it so they would have a better understanding.

    Great job!

    1. thank you that’s very kind and I am glad you have got some value out of it. Thanks for your comment it is much appreciated

  2. I bought a Chrome Cast a few years ago when I did not have a smart TV. It was good and did the job of allowing me to watch video and photos casting from my small iPad or mobile phone to the big TV.

    After I replaced my old TV with a smart one with Internet connection, this donngle lost its use and was kept in my drawers for a long time. But I am glad your post suggested other uses for the Chrome Cast and suddenly I felt like oh my gosh, this little donggle is still relevant and useful in today’s context.

    Thank you for sharing. Good article.

    1. Thanks for that, It may not happen but we can wish. I don’t consider chrome cast a redundant technology so if they did support it which would make sense then I think it will be given a new lease of life. Thanks for your comment =)

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