What is IFTTT?

What is IFTTT?

Via some of my posts that I have uploaded you have seen some of the tech available in a smart home. However there has not been much in automation and sometimes it can seem like smart home control than home automation. You can automate to a certain degree using the apps provided for each of the products but this can be clumsy, not supported very well or not at all and means you will have to have a number of apps just to automate. Wouldn’t it be nice to have one place where you can put all of your accounts on one place? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to automate things simply rather than having to be some sort of I.T. expert? This is IFTTT and best of all it is free! So what is IFTTT? it is essentially an online service that allows you to add your accounts for almost everything and create recipes. These recipes cause some weird and wonderful effects to happen around your home. So lets look in to this a little further and see what IFTTT can do for you.

IFTTT availability

This service will not cost you anything, it is completely free and available for you to use no matter what device you are using it on. It is of course available online via this link if you want to take a look yourself. You can also use any browser on any device but you can use an app available for both Android and IPhone. So no matter what you use you can find and experiment with it yourself and it is not only for smart homes you can automate all sorts including your social media.

What are recipes?

IFTTT means if this then that. It means that if something happens you will get the desired result from it. For example IF I arrive on my street then turn the lights on before I open the door. This process is called a recipe and you can browse a list of pre made recipes to use or even make your own. These “recipes” can make a difference to all sorts of things and make massive or subtle differences to already amazing technology. For example you can even get recipes for your personal assistant like your google home device to make it work in new ways. You can even add your own distinct personality to it making it more yours than a generic device.

What can I actually do with it?

Like I said earlier your social media can be automated so if you work a lot using a laptop or PC this can come in very handy. If you use a lot of social medias posting on several platforms can be a task in itself. If you could use one of the already established recipes you could post to say Instagram and it can automatically post to your other platforms for you. You can also get recipes for when you take a photo and post it that a back up copy could be sent to a cloud storage like drop box or Google drive. The possibilities are nearly endless and the amount of services included on this platform is mind boggling. Your smart lights could be programmed to react to Geo syncing, so that when you are in the area they will turn on automatically. There is also a bit of a novelty one related to this with Dominoes pizza. When the pizza is on its way to be delivered you can get a recipe to turn on your front door light which is kind of handy. Almost anything smart home related is on here from lights, cameras, smart heating and so on. You can also manage many aspects of your digital life through it and I encourage everyone to have a go.

OK So how do I create recipes?

Once you have signed up for the website you can go to the services section and add whatever services you think you would make use of some sort of automation. Once you are happy with that I suggest going to the my applets section and having a browse. There are so many great things that have already been created you may not even need to make one yourself. I have just had a quick nose myself and found a ton of applets that I can just activate and start working with. One such applet I have seen is any music video I like on YouTube automatically gets put on to my spotify playlist. Could that get any more useful for a music buff such as myself? However if you want to dabble in making your own applets or recipes then click on your profile name and on the drop down menu you will see new applet. Click this and you will be able to set up your own “cause and effect” routines for any of your services. I wonder what you guys would do? something funny? maybe add a piece of your own personality in to you digital life? please feel free to comment and let me know what you have managed to set up for yourself.


IFTTT or If this then that is a free online service that brings together a number of separate services to work in harmony together. All this is designed to give you a level of automation not only in your smart home but in all areas of your digital life. I cannot sing the praises of this site more in reality, it is free, it is useful and could easily spend hours seeing what my smart home can get up to next. Have any of you used IFTTT before? Have you managed to automate things and have you found it useful? Please let me know what you have managed to get working and especially if you can use it for pranking people that would be wonderful. Especially for when my brother comes to visit! Thanks for reading ladies and gentleman I hope you found this introductory post of IFTTT useful if you would like to know more then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Adam Stones

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